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Using Wollipog Kid Art

Once you download a Wollipog Kid Art file you have access to its use, provided you follow the Usage Guidelines below. You may use our files for nearly any purpose — except to compete with us.

Wollipog Kid Art may be used for the following: brochures, advertising campaigns, promotional print materials, product packaging, professional and personal Web pages, interactive multi-media projects, newsletters, presentations, and logos. Wollipog Kid Art may be used as backgrounds and to make unique "images."

If, however, you use Wollipog Kid Art to create textile or fabric designs for use in products that will be offered for sale, or any other product for sale, you must contact Wollipog Kid Art (info@Wollipog.com) for information on either purchasing a license upgrade or making a royalty agreement (to be determined at the sole discretion of Wollipog Kid Art)


By downloading a Wollipog Kid Art file, you are permitted to use, modify, and publish it subject to the following restrictions.

You are permitted to use the artwork as long as all of the following conditions are met:

Your web pages and your clients' web pages do not give permission to download and save the illustrations for any reason.

The use of the content is not to create a product which is similar to or competes with any of the features on Wollipog.com such as the creation and re-selling of illustration collections, calendars, t-shirts, clothing, fabric designs or other items. If you do wish to re-sell any content in the Wollipog Kid Art collection, please contact info@Wollipog.com for more information.

The Content that you are using is available in the Wollipog Kid Art collection. You are not permitted to redistribute the Content as illustration, clip art, or web art, without explicit written permission.

You are not permitted to create obscene or scandalous works, as defined by the Federal Government at the time the work is created, using the Content or any modification of the Content.


Wollipog Kid Art grants you the non-exclusive right to copy the Wollipog Kid Art "Content" onto your computer hard drive and to use the Wollipog Kid Art content and any derivatives or copies (collectively, the "content") on one computer and with one user at a time.

You may not copy the contents of this website for any other purpose. Please note that this is a license, not a sale. By downloading Wollipog Kid Art, you are granted a license to use Wollipog Kid Art content for the content you have licensed.

The "content" may be copied, modified and incorporated into materials for personal or professional company use and in advertising and promotional materials for you or your clients provided the purpose of the product you create is not to redistribute the "content" or "contents" provided in whatever manner or medium.


If you are unsure of your rights under this agreement, or wish to use the "content" in a manner not expressly permitted by this agreement, such as in products for sale, please contact for information and additional licensing options.

Additional usage rights can be purchased on a per file and / or per project basis by contacting Wollipog Kid Art directly at info@Wollipog.com.

Not all license upgrades will be accepted and will be determined on a project by project basis. Wollipog Kid Art reserves the rights to reject any upgraded application.


By opening the Wollipog Kid Art packaging, you agree to comply with Wollipog Kid Art 's Terms of Service. If any third party brings a claim, lawsuit, or other proceeding against Wollipog Kid Art based on your conduct or use of Wollipog Kid Art materials, you agree to compensate Wollipog Kid Art (including its officers, directors, employees, and agents) for any and all losses, liabilities, damages, or expenses, including attorney's fees, incurred by Wollipog Kid Art in connection with any such claim, lawsuit, or proceeding.

Wollipog Kid Art is the final arbiter of how one IS and IS NOT allowed to use our files. Further, Wollipog Kid Art reserves the right to modify or remove anything submitted to Wollipog Kid Art, and to cancel any license agreement, at any time for any reason, without prior notice. Wollipog Kid Art is not obliged to maintain backup copies of any material submitted to us.


The customer information that you submit to Wollipog Kid Art remains your property, but by submitting that information to Wollipog Kid Art you grant Wollipog Kid Art the right to use that information for marketing to customers. (You may opt out of any Wollipog Kid Art promotional materials.)

In addition, Wollipog Kid Art reserves the right to release current or past customer information in the event Wollipog Kid Art believes that the content is being or has been used in violation of the Terms of Service or to commit unlawful acts, if the
information is subpoenaed, or when Wollipog Kid Art deems it necessary or appropriate.

By agreeing to the conditions of these Terms of Service, you hereby consent to disclosure of any record or communication to any third party when Wollipog Kid Art , in its sole discretion, determines the disclosure to be appropriate.


Your use of Wollipog Kid Art services are at your sole risk. All Wollipog Kid Art products are provided on an "AS IS" basis WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS, IMPLIED, CONSTRUCTIVE, OR STATUTORY, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, NONINFRINGEMENT, OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of implied warranties, so this exclusion may not apply to you in full.

Wollipog Kid Art makes no guarantee of availability of service and reserves the right to change, withdraw, suspend, or discontinue any functionality or feature of the Wollipog Kid Art service.


The formation, construction, and interpretation of this agreement shall be controlled by the laws of the State of Texas, U.S.A, as such law applies to agreements between Texas residents entered into and to be performed within Texas. The U.N. Convention of Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is expressly excluded from any interpretation of this Agreement. Any dispute relating to this agreement shall besubject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state and federal courts in the State of Texas, U.S.A., and the parties agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction and venue of these courts.

Wollipog Kid Art is not responsible for the use of Wollipog Kid Art files by Wollipog Kid Art customers in any web pages, periodicals, or other documents. The opinions and views expressed by Wollipog Kid Art 's members or visitors do not necessarily
represent those of Wollipog Kid Art , and Wollipog Kid Art does not verify, endorse, or vouch for the content of pages or documents created by Wollipog Kid Art members.
Further, Wollipog Kid Art is not responsible for the delivery or quality of any goods or services sold or advertised through or on Wollipog Kid Art customers' page(s). If you believe that any of the visual content provided by Wollipog Kid Art violate your proprietary rights, including copyrights, please contact Wollipog Kid Art at info@Wollipog.com.


You are solely and fully responsible for any Wollipog Kid Art files that become part(s) of web pages, periodicals, or other documents you post or distribute. We do not regularly review the contents of materials created or posted by our customers or other visitors to our site. We strongly recommend against posting or otherwise distributing any of the following types of content, whether you obtained it from Wollipog Kid Art or other source(s); to do so could involve you in litigation, for which we in no way would be responsible.

Material of a lewd, lecherous, or obscene nature and intent, or that violates local, state, and national laws.

Any material that violates or infringes in any way upon the proprietary rights of others, including, without limitation, copyright or trademark rights; a good rule of thumb: if you don't own the copyright or have express authorization and documented permission to use it, don't use it.

Please read the full text of the Wollipog Kid Art Usage Guidelines to verify that your proposed use of Wollipog Kid Art files is acceptable.

Any material that is threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, vulgar, obscene, profane, indecent, or otherwise objectionable; this includes the posting of other people's private information.

Content that promotes, encourages, or provides instructional information about illegal activities.

Any software, information, or other material that contains a virus, "Trojan Horse," "worm," corrupted data, or any other harmful or damaging component; hate propaganda or hate mongering; or fraudulent material or

Wollipog Kid Art reserves the right to change or amend these Terms of Service at any time without prior notice. By purchasing a Wollipog Kid Art collection (paid, free, trial, or otherwise), you signify your agreement to these Terms of Service.

Please write to if you have additional questions. info@Wollipog.com

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