Wollipog Logo Here are some examples of designs and layouts using genuine kid art. If you would like to submit your own designs, contact us.

Examples of Real Kid Art in designs.

Designer: Daniel Miller

The Kiwanis club came to me with a t-shirt design for an event they were sponsoring. They asked me to come up with something more "fun" and "kid-like".

They needed a two-color, blue and gold, design. Compare the original with the Wollipog KidArt version!

Original Kiwanis T-shirt logo Daniel Miller's Kiwanis Kid Art logo T-shirt
Original Kiwanis Logo T-shirt Design Daniel Miller's Kid Art Kiwanis Logo T-shirt Design

Designer: Daniel Miller

Adopt-A-School T-Shirt Design

Adopt-A-School T-Shirt

Designer: Brian Northum

Original Kiwanis T-shirt logo

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Walk to Cure Diabetes T-Shirt
(first place JDRF t-shirt design contest winner)

Daniel Miller's Kiwanis Kid Art logo T-shirt

Adopt-A-School Poster

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