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Each collection of Kid Art comes with a searchable catalog for both Mac and PC. Just type in a keyword, like “dog” or “boy” or “alien”, and the catalog will bring up all the illustrations in the collection that fit the keyword. Or, just browse the catalog, look for something that grabs you, and open that file.
Adobe Illustrator Color Files Adobe Illustrator Color Files Adobe Illustrator Color Files
Download Adobe Illustrator files that will help you create great color combinations for your designs. Download a free color wheel that you can use:
.pdf format .ai format

Check out the Bourges Color Wheel tutorials

Also, check out the swatch files that will give you pre-constructed sets of color swatches to match the color wheel so you can easily create harmonious or complimentary color combinations.


Don't forget to check out our free video tutorials and design resources on the Wollipog Tutorials/Tips page!


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