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You can use Kid Art in ads, newsletters, logos, all kinds of design projects. To help you get started, here are a few video tutorials, a few tips and tricks on using Wolipog Kid Art. These tutorials show designers how to use Kid Art in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, but you can use other applications too.
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001-Bourges Color Wheel Basics*
Learn the basics about how to use a simple color wheel to create great color combinations.

Download a free color wheel that you can use:
.pdf format .ai format

005-KidArt in Photoshop
Tips on how to bring a vector-based Kid Art graphic into Photoshop.
002-Bourges Color Wheel modifications*
Learn how to modify bright, pure colors to make tints, shades and muted color combinations.

Download Adobe Illustrator files that will help you create great color combinations for your designs.

Also, check out the swatch files that will give you pre-constructed sets of color swatches to match the color wheel so you can easily create harmonious or complimentary color combinations.

Cool things you can do with Kid Art using Guassian blur, Unsharp Mask and Layer Styles.
003-Colorize a KidArt graphic
Learn how to change the color of the basic black and white Kid Art graphic.
007-Simplify a KidArt graphic
How to reduce the file size and number of points in a KidArt vector graphic .
004-compound path-line art
Learn how to convert the basic black and white Kid Art graphic to “line art” using a compound path as a “cookie cutter”.
008-Make KidArt lines thicker
How to modify a KidArt vector graphic so the lines are “thicker” and the shape is more abstract.

*This color wheel is from the excellent book, “Color Bytes; Blending the Art and Science of Color”, by Jean Bourges, published by Chromatics Press, Inc. ISBN # 1-888551-00-3.

Every artist should have a copy of this fine text in their reference library! It presents the fundamentals of color theory and design in a clear, practical, useful way - better than anything else out there.

009-Use Kid Art in a logo
Here’s a sample project using a KidArt vector graphic to create a logo.