No one makes it alone.

We all owe a lot to those who have taught us, helped us grow. A couple of guys who have had a huge impact on my life and work as a designer are John McWade and Chuck Green.

Their books, templates, tools and websites are must-have resources for anyone interested in Graphic Design. They combine expertise in Design with teaching that is clear, concise and fun to read.

Escape the Design "blahs"

As designers we all hit slumps now and then, times when the spark gets beaten out of us. These guys will inspire you, help you keep your edge and make you look good! Time after time, when work gets to be a drudge, I flip through their stuff and I get jazzed again.

This is not stuffy, theoretical text-book junk. It's real-world, practical, design principles taught in a fun, easy-to-understand way.

Do yourself a huge favor.

Invest in your Design career, and subscribe to John McWade's Before & After newsletters. I guarantee it will help make you a better designer.

For must-have design resources, check out the Ideabook online store:

For great articles and the inside scoop on cool design stuff, go to Chuck's blog:

Be smart.

The competition in the graphic design business is fierce. We all need to be constantly sharpening our skills. These guys, Chuck Green and John McWade, can help you keep growing and keep the spark, the satisfaction of creating a good design, the pleasure of creating something excellent. Isn't that what got you in this business in the first place?

Be remarkable.

Leave the mediocre designers in the dust, be at the front of the pack. Get these resources, learn, invest in your future.


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