Use real kid art to give your designs and layouts the distinctive charm of kid drawings. You can't get this kind of playful illustration anywhere else. These are all formatted as vector-based EPS graphics, so they'll work in a variety of design applications, on the Mac or PC.

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Give your designs and layouts the distinctive charm of kid's drawings. Get real kid art from Wollipog. Formatted as vector-based EPS graphics, they'll work in a variety of design applications.

Wollipog Kid Art is now FREE to download and use!*

This is resolution-independent vector artwork; good for print, web, logos, etc. Plus it's royalty-free (for non-commerical use). Download an EPS file, and you can use it in as many ads, newsletters or design projects as you like!

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* The free files are for non-commerical use. If you need a commercial license, just purchase one or more CD collections for just $20.00 each. Buying a CD gives you commercial usage rights to any image on that CD. That's still a great deal. Plus, the CDs are searchable, and include large format tutorials and other goodies.

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